Friday, July 29, 2005 » Girl, 8, Designs Artwork For Doughnut Boxes » Girl, 8, Designs Artwork For Doughnut Boxes

Budgeteer News - Duluth, Minnesota-"s it possible to be a homeless philanthropist?

Budgeteer News - Duluth, Minnesota: "Is it possible to be a homeless philanthropist? Well, four teens in Duluth are both, and their gifts are much more than monetary.
“We chose to give our gift to First Witness because when we think about what’s gone on in our lives, we could all relate to some form of abuse,” said Sylvia Spellman. "

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Athens NEWS: Twice weekly alternative

The Athens NEWS: Twice weekly alternative:
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"This year, the children in the art track are partnering with local community organization Good Works for a philanthropy project. The children are creating and selling sculptures to raise money for Good Works. "

Just a reminder

Just a reminder that if you see an article you especially want to keep you may want to print it out in hard copy as different articles exist on the web for different and sometimes minimal periods of time.

Sun Herald - 07/27/05-Here's a gift that pays dividends for all

Sun Herald - 07/27/05: "Here's a gift that pays dividends for all

What's more heartwarming than the image of the doting grandparents and their smiling grandchildren? Some grandparents joke that the grandkids give them a second chance at getting parenting right, others just act from the heart and lavish affection on the fruit of their children's loins.

But here's a different take on a grandparent's love. When Teri A. Hansen's father wanted to show his love for his granddaughter, Teri's daughter, he set up a foundation in his granddaughter's name."

Rivers Givers honored at leadership conference - Weston Town Crier - Arts & Lifestyle: "Rivers Givers honored at leadership conference
Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Rivers Givers were recently honored at the 2005 Youth Grantmakers Summer Leadership Conference, sponsored by the Council of Michigan Foundations.
The Rivers Givers project was nominated as one of the 10 “Great Grants” finalists of the conference by the youth in attendance, and Rivers students made a special presentation to the entire group regarding the history and accomplishments of the Rivers Givers. "

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Group mixes fun, philanthropy

Local News - Marion Chronicle Tribune - "roup mixes fun, philanthropy
Professional network hoping to change luck



That noise you might have heard was probably not the Young Professional Network of Grant County.

But the philanthropic group that promotes leadership and education for youth in Grant County is attempting to make more of a racket in the community with a restructured program designed to raise falling attendance.

'We hope to become a loud voice for helping in the community,' Young Professionals Steering Committee member Deb Austin said. 'We've just run into a lot of bad luck recently.'

The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles-Getting Kids Into Charity Pays Off Big

The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles: "Getting Kids Into Charity Pays Off Big

by Daniel Akst

Start talking to wealthy families about the benefits of getting kids involved in philanthropy, and they’ll tell you the biggest beneficiaries are the kids — and their families. They say even young children who get involved learn the value of money, the limits of resources and the need for tough decisions. It also helps sheltered youths meet and understand people who are less fortunate and provides a values-based structure for bringing families together year after year."

High-tech philanthropy - - The Mining Gazette

High-tech philanthropy - - The Mining Gazette: "High-tech philanthropy

By KELLY FOSNESS, Gazette Writer

HANCOCK - Dick Casperini and his son Andrew, 17, drove across the country to help students in two Upper Peninsula communities.
Following a near week-long, 2,500-mile roadtrip from Cupertino, Calif., the Casperinis delivered 4,000 pounds of computer equipment to give to both Ontonagon and Hancock school districts.

Their goal was to package as many computers as could fit in their vehicle and give them to local families who don't have a computer while also helping to upgrade Ontonagon's computer aided design facility.

Dick said he's been collecting the equipment for about two years, and recently had the opportunity to make a trip to the Copper Country.

'Andrew signed up for a summer exploration program at Michigan Tech and because it was too expensive to ship, we decided to drive up,' he said. 'When Andrew found out about the trip, he stepped forward to help with the donation.'"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CEO encourages philanthropic donations from an early age - The Battalion - News

CEO encourages philanthropic donations from an early age - The Battalion - News: "CEO encourages philanthropic donations from an early age
By Denton Fromme
Published: Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Most parents and grandparents have wills or have done some type of estate planning, but in many cases, when heirs inherit a large amount of money, they have no plan, said Stephen D. Maislin.

Maislin, president and CEO of the Greater Houston Community Foundation, spoke Tuesday night as part of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum's Issues Forum.

Maislin, a financial planner, said he has worked with both very wealthy families and families with smaller incomes.

'I have seen a wide range and it began to intrigue me that money is not the only issue (to securing a future),' he said."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Monday, July 18, 2005

Girl Trades Birthday Presents For Donations

Girl Trades Birthday Presents For Donations: "Girl Trades Birthday Presents For Donations

Robert McNeill

Most children in America look forward to their birthdays with parties filled with cake, games and gifts. In more desolate countries, youngsters can only appreciate another day of survival.

One local girl recognized the plight of those abroad, and chose to forego personal gifts this year during her birthday party and receive donations instead on behalf of others less fortunate."

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Teen girls to hold purse strings in Grantmakers

Teen girls to hold purse strings in Grantmakers: "Teen girls to hold purse strings in Grantmakers
They'll evaluate peer proposals

Saturday, July 02, 2005
By Steve Levin, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The premise involves gathering a group of about two dozen girls, ages 13 to 15, giving them $10,000 and permission to give it all away.

It's not a new reality TV show. It's an innovative grant-making program to empower teenage girls in Allegheny County.

Known as the Allegheny Girls as Grantmakers Project, the two-year program will allow girls to discuss and explore ways to make a difference in the county by reviewing grant proposals designed by peers and funding the best ones." - Consumer Watch - Group Searches For 'Teen' Commandments - Consumer Watch - Group Searches For 'Teen' Commandments: "Group Searches For 'Teen' Commandments
Nathan Dungan, Family Finance Expert

POSTED: 9:12 am EDT July 11, 2005
UPDATED: 9:28 am EDT July 11, 2005

As a mother and grandmother, Terry Parsons thinks about money a lot.

Not just in the 'Will I have enough money for retirement?' kind of way, but also in the 'Something feels out of balance' sensation that you feel in your stomach from time to time.

On a personal level, Terry, like millions of other parents and grandparents, worries about the impact our hyper-consumer society is having on her grandchildren. On a big-picture level, Terry thinks deeply about the social, economic and spiritual implications of a culture that is working overtime to addict millions of young people in the United States to spending. Not exactly the everyday concern of the average grandparent."