Friday, April 29, 2005

Students provide innovative support for nonprofits (Apr 28, 2005)

Students provide innovative support for nonprofits (Apr 28, 2005): "Students provide innovative support for nonprofits
(Posted: 4/28/2005)
Students in the E-Projects in Community Service (EPICS) course at UW-Madison will showcase the final products on May 2 of their work supporting numerous nonprofit organizations.
All semester, the student teams have been designing Web sites, building Web-based information systems, creating logos and developing marketing materials at no cost on behalf of the civic groups. Those projects will be on display and students will be on hand to discuss their work at the spring 2005 EPICS Expo on Monday, from 4:45-6:30 p.m. in the Engineering Centers Building, 1550 Engineering Drive. The event is open to the public. "

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Editor's Choice News Article |"Ex-banker takes school charity to market

Editor's Choice News Article "Ex-banker takes school charity to market
Thu Apr 28, 2005 2:32 PM BST

By Brian Kelleher
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Three Hong Kong high school students didn't give up when their school turned down their proposal for a taekwondo program.
With the help of a teacher, they're taking their idea for martial arts lessons to the capital markets.
Hong Kong native Samuel Poon, a former top investment banker for Merrill Lynch, is trying to turn school funding on its head by applying the supply and demand principles of a stock market to charitable giving."

Students skip shop to help by serving

Students skip shop to help by serving: "Students skip shop to help by serving
Cleanup work at home, church teaches class about 'giving back' and offers practical experience.

By Andy Gammill

Lawrence Central shop students got the day out of classes Monday in exchange for a little bit of community service.
Teacher Brian Funk took the students from his manufacturing class into the heart of Indianapolis this week to put some of their skills to work and help refurbish several buildings as part of Indianapolis' annual Christmas in April project.
The Lawrence Central students helped clear out brush and trees at a home on State Avenue and power-washed a nearby church to spruce it up.
'We teamed up with this organization to teach the kids about philanthropy and giving back to the community,' Funk said."

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

CBC Edmonton - Girls raise money for park to remember slain Mounties

CBC Edmonton - Girls raise money for park to remember slain Mounties: "Girls raise money for park to remember slain Mounties
Last updated Apr 25 2005 07:40 AM MDT
CBC News
EDMONTON � Six 10-year-old girls are leading a heartfelt fundraising campaign to make sure that four fallen RCMP officers aren't forgotten.

Haley Martin
The girls, who live in Mayerthorpe, want to build a park as a memorial to Const. Peter Schiemann, Const. Anthony Gordon, Const. Brock Myrol and Const. Leo Johnston."

Monday, April 25, 2005


theSpoke: "You�re young. You�re passionate. You know technology.
You can make a difference today.
From now until April 30, 2005, theSpoke is sponsoring You Can Make a Difference, a scholarship contest for high school students who want make an impact with technology. We�re accepting proposals for software projects that will benefit a charity.
All students that submit proposals will receive a free copy of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Academic Edition.
But that�s not all. 10 students (5 females, 5 males) will be chosen to make their project idea a reality. Each of the 10 selected finalists will receive a $5,000 (USD) grant to be divided up as follows:
� $1,500 � Budget to implement the charitable project
� $2,500 � Student scholarship
�$1,000 � Technology grant to the school the student attends"

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Washington Jewish Week Online Edition-Service with a J Project aims to build Jewish identity through civic works

Washington Jewish Week Online Edition: "Service with a J Project aims to build Jewish identity through civic works

by Eric Fingerhut
and Chanan Tigay
Hannah Roth has participated in service projects at her synagogue, but Sunday's outing to clean up Watts Branch Park in Northeast D.C. was different.
The 14-year-old Annandale girl mulched the base of the park's trees, while some kids picked up trash and others cleared branches and debris. Unlike, for instance, the time she made food for a congregational event, on Sunday, she was helping 'people who really need it.'
'It's nice to fix it up. It's scary what it's become,' Roth said of the park, which she and the more than 100 eighth-12th-grade volunteers were told had fallen into disrepair in recent years, a result of being used "

Local News:

Local News: "Students grant $56,000 to area organizations
- Wednesday, April 20, 2005 3:18 PM MDT

�EPYCS funds allotted


Every year the ranks of service organizations that once were cornerstones of small communities grow a little bit smaller, as those who served retire or pass away with few recruits ready to step in.

That is where the El Pomar Youth in Community Service project helps fill the gap."

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Harbus Foundation: Giving Has its Rewards - Harbus - News

The Harbus Foundation: Giving Has its Rewards - Harbus - News: "Marni Weil is a member of one of this year's Harbus Foundation Venture Philanthropy Teams. Come learn more about HBS' Harbus Foundation and meet student-selected grant awardees at a celebration on Wednesday, April 20th from 5:15 pm to 6:15pm in the Spangler Meredith Room.

Before I came to HBS, the word 'philanthropist' conjured up names like Rockefeller and Carnegie, and in today's world, Gates. I never imagined that there would be a student organization where I could have experiences similar to those of these civic icons (albeit temporarily and at a somewhat smaller scale!); but low and behold, at this fall's HBS Club Fair I was introduced to the Harbus Foundation.

The Harbus Foundation is the only entirely student-run foundation in the country." | Computer program awarded by teens Computer program awarded by teens: "Computer program awarded by teens

By Reed Williams / Daily Progress staff writer
April 19, 2005

It was a tough decision, but nine high school seniors on Friday awarded $10,000 to Computers4Kids, one of 15 nonprofit organizations that applied for a Youth Service Award.
After months of deliberation, the Youth Service Committee voted that Computers4Kids, which provides computer training and mentoring for children and other services, should receive the money from the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation."

Monday, April 18, 2005 | Students band together for charity | Students band together for charity: "Students band together for charity
Amy Coutee /
April 18, 2005

The Overseas School of Colombo in Sri Lanka has found several new friends in the students of James River Day School.
In a student-lead initiative, the school is selling blue �Students for Students Tsunami 2004� bracelets to raise money for the OSC, which was devastated by December�s tsunamis. The bracelets, modeled after the Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG bracelets, are selling for $3 each. All of the money will be sent to OSC to help the school "

Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/17/2005 | American Rhythms | Service learning now a disservice

Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/17/2005 | American Rhythms | Service learning now a disservice: "American Rhythms | Service learning now a disservice

By Jane Eisner

When Lew Friedland and a colleague recently studied the civic life of high school students in and around Madison, Wis., one theme popped up again and again: The students were doing volunteer work because they thought it looked good on their resumes.
This attitude didn't come only from affluent, ambitious kids as they jockeyed for a precious place in an elite university. It came from young people of all classes, races and ethnic backgrounds. They all needed 'something' on their resume for college or future employment, and that something was service" | YWCA to receive award for its service | YWCA to receive award for its service: "YWCA of Central Virginia will receive the $10,000 Youth Philanthropy Award from Wachovia Bank and the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust at a ceremony Tuesday.
This is the second year the award has been given to an organization as part of the Youth Philanthropy Program, which was designed to create awareness in young people of the importance of philanthropy and community service."

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Washington Jewish Week Online Edition- Young philanthropists make grants

Washington Jewish Week Online Edition: "Young philanthropists make grants

A local youth philanthropy group this week announced nearly $70,000 in grants to 23 different organizations.
Participants in the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute donate $200 to $500, which is then matched by the institute. Throughout the year, the youngsters meet and go on site visits to help determine where their money should be allocated. "

Design Students Build Web Sites for Nonprofits :: PNNOnline :: the nonprofit news and information resource

Design Students Build Web Sites for Nonprofits :: PNNOnline :: the nonprofit news and information resource: "Design Students Build Web Sites for Nonprofits
Posted by: laurakujawski on Thursday, April 14, 2005

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes hundreds of student volunteers to raise Web sites for community-based nonprofits as part of The Art Institutes' Annual National Webraising event.

To help celebrate National Volunteer Month, interactive media design students from Art Institutes across the U.S. will raise Web sites for nonprofit organizations and go live with launches on Monday, April 18, 2005.

Art Institutes participating in this year's event include schools located in Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Brookline, MA, Phoenix, Portland, Dallas, Orange County, CA, San Diego and York, PA.

Based on the Amish concept of a barnraising, a Webraising demonstrates the power of neighbor helping neighbor as students aid local, community-based nonprofit organizations by creating Web sites, or in some cases, re-launching existing sites to improve appearance and function."

Millions of Young Americans Contribute More Than $200 Million in Volunteer Time on Tax Day

PRESS Release

Millions of Young Americans Contribute More Than $200 Million in Volunteer Time on Tax Day: "Press release from: Youth Service America
Millions of Young Americans Contribute More Than $200 Million in Volunteer Time on Tax Day
National Youth Service Day Events Coincide With April 15th

(CSRwire) WASHINGTON � As adults pay their taxes on Friday, millions of younger Americans are making their own weekend contributions to the nation's health, education, human service, and environmental needs for the 17th annual National Youth Service Day. In the shadow of record deficits and shrinking social services, young people are stepping up to the plate to strengthen their communities through an intense display of community service projects valued at more than $200 million in volunteer time.

Researchers for Independent Sector estimated in 2004 that the value of a volunteer hour has climbed to $17.55 per hour. Youth Service America and its 115 National Partners who organize National Youth Service Day estimate that more than 3 million young people will volunteer this year

A glimpse of reality -

A glimpse of reality - "Seneca Valley High School senior Marie Watson raised more than $5,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation by encouraging students to donate 'couch change.'
Lindsay Agel, 18, wrote a novel aimed at young cancer patients. Brooke Annibale, 17, recorded a full-length compact disc, staged her own concert and raised more than $600 for UNICEF. Jenifer Dorman, 17, and Alexandra DeLoia, 18, put on a fashion show to benefit a program that helps teenagers make healthy lifestyle choices.
These high school seniors had more than philanthropy on their minds. They also were getting a grade on their senior project. "

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

9 Ways to Teach Your Child About Charity

9 Ways to Teach Your Child About Charity: "9 Ways to Teach Your Child About Charity

By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
How to make family giving a habit.

Inspired Giving
Charity and the spirit of giving have been elevated to a new level in the past few years, following the Asian tsunami, war in Iraq, and New York terrorist attacks. After witnessing the horrific images of pain and suffering streaming steadily across their TV sets, more people than ever before have dipped deeper into their own pockets to offer needed relief to the survivors of unprecedented tragedies.
Many parents are using the destruction delivered by these catastrophes as an opportunity to help children learn about charity and the importance of reaching out to others in their time of need. They have made generous family donations, often involving their children in picking out the charity, writing the check, and preparing and mailing the envelope. They have allowed their children to witness turning the pain and grief of unimaginable loss into a time of extending love and compassion to unknown people half way around the world"

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

JTA NEWS Jewish Teens learn Jewish Giving

Jewish teens learn Jewish giving,
Jewish values in new initiatives
By Rachel Pomerance

NEW YORK, April 11 (JTA) — One of the newest trends in philanthropy and youth programming puts teens in charge, allowing them to decide where their money should go.
“You know how kids are always saying, like, we don’t have a voice,” says Lia Volat, 18, of Great Barrington, Mass. “This definitely makes me feel powerful.”

Monday, April 11, 2005 - Money - Honor Loved One's Legacy By Sharing Inheritance - Money - Honor Loved One's Legacy By Sharing Inheritance: "What would you do if you just learned you were going to inherit $41 trillion?
snip snip>

During the course of settling her parent�s estate (her mother had died a few years earlier), Sharon had been thinking about a way to honor the legacy of her parents. She wanted to make sure her contributions would go to organizations that were worthy of the gifts.
In my reply, I shared a couple of Web sites with Sharon to help her accomplish the research goal. I then went one step further. I encouraged her to do something that is often overlooked when one is dealing with the details and grieving process that is part of settling an estate. I suggested to her that she try and include her children in the contribution discussion."

.: Webathon 2005 | Project Abstracts :-The Youth One Volunteer Webathon is a Global Youth Service Day .

.: Webathon 2005 Project Abstracts :.: "Project Abstracts!
The Youth One Volunteer Webathon is a Global Youth Service Day project aimed to increase the awareness of youth volunteerism. We hope, by making pledges to volunteer, more youth will be inspired and motivated to get involved in their community." - Business/Finance - ISU students learn, help nonprofits 04/09/05 - Business/Finance - ISU students learn, help nonprofits 04/09/05: "ISU students learn, help nonprofits
By Steve Arney
NORMAL -- College of Business classes are pressure packed, as any Illinois State University student will attest, but the stakes are personal grades.
For a group of leaders among the business students, a yearlong exercise provided real clients to serve -- real needs, true budgets and community missions.
Composed primarily of insurance majors, the group conducted detailed risk assessments and policy reviews for three not-for-profit organizations.
The idea of serving an organization was a motivator for Erin Messmer, one of 13 students who completed the insurance department's Student Leadership Program."

Gold Acorns given to youth volunteers

Gold Acorns given to youth volunteers: "Gold Acorns given to youth volunteers
27 teens honored at annual event

Seventeen-year-old Lela Belayneh's parents and sister watched proudly yesterday as she received an award from the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana for volunteer work in her community.
The foundation held its third annual Gold Acorn award ceremony at The Grand in New Albany, honoring 27 teenage volunteers. The foundation's Youth Philanthropy Councils from Clark, Floyd and Harrison counties -- made up primarily of teenagers -- also awarded $9,000 to nonprofit agencies in those counties.

Thursday, April 07, 2005 Genorosity enriches community players "Generosity enriches community's givers

Those who give back to the community know that it enriches their lives. And Toledo is fortunate to have so many giving citizens to help the community thrive.
TUESDAY morning, before going to work, more than 400 people gathered at the Zenobia Shrine for the Karen Landis Legacy Fund Breakfast. It was a celebration of Leadership Toledo's 25th anniversary, but most important, it was to honor Mrs. Landis, who is retiring as executive director after being with the organization since it began."

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Reuters |Canada's 8-Year-Old Tsunami Envoy Returns Home

Reuters Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: "Canada's 8-Year-Old Tsunami Envoy Returns Home

Tue April 5, 2005 6:06 PM GMT-04:00
By Stefanie Kranjec
TORONTO (Reuters) - Toronto's Bilaal Rajan is eight years old, but already he's an old pro at raising funds for international relief operations.
This year, he's raised C$50,000 ($41,000) for tsunami relief in south Asia and has just returned from a tour of the devastated region as Canada's child ambassador for UNICEF.
Speaking to Reuters in an office at his Toronto school, Bilaal sat in an overstuffed armchair, back straight, feet not reaching the floor, deep chocolate brown eyes focused intently."

Jerusalem Post | - An inheritance that's more than money

Jerusalem Post Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World:
snip snip
"When Alvin, who asked that his last name not be used, joined a peer group for young Jews on or soon to join the boards of their family foundations two years ago, it was as much group therapy as a chance to conceive his own philanthropic vision. "

The Benton Courier-Nonprofit group reaches students globally

The Benton Courier: "Nonprofit group reaches students globally
By Jillian Fry

Courier Staff
Junior Achievement, a nonprofit organization dedicated to economic education through volunteers in classrooms K-12, merged its national and international associations into one to form JA Worldwide.
A Saline County board is one of four boards in Arkansas that operates under the umbrella of JA of Arkansas' headquarters in Little Rock."

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 - Doing business and doing good - Doing business and doing good: "Doing business and doing good
DeSales University's educational expedition to Peru spawned entrepreneurial programs to help villagers and provided an 'amazing journey' of life-altering experiences for students

Michael J. Krajsa

Last August, on a two-week educational expedition to Peru, I had not anticipated having the privilege of witnessing the astonishing daily transformations of my students that would bond us all for life as an elite cohesive team, nor the chain of events that would be set in motion upon our return home.

Returning to the United States, I felt it was important to share these life-changing experiences with their parents. I wrote telling them how their global mountaineer [child] 'negotiated many new challenges in this expedition with enthusiasm, honor, integrity, warmth, good judgment, and newly discovered self-confidences which they all found within themselves when called upon. As individuals and as a team they exhibited sensitivity, love, and caring toward one another and those they met."

Exeter News-Letter Local News: Students� talents benefit charity

Exeter News-Letter Local News: Students� talents benefit charity: "Students� talents benefit charity
By anne markel

KENSINGTON - You�re a fifth-grade class and you want to raise some money. You could sell overpriced candy bars, you could hawk wrapping paper, or, if the weather would only cooperate, you could organize a car wash and hope enough people show up to give you a little profit.
Or, you could throw a party for your parents and friends, entertain them with your stories and poems, and let them bid on your prize artwork.
That�s what the two fifth-grade classes at Kensington Elementary "

A Toolkit for Funding | Connect for Kids

A Toolkit for Funding | Connect for Kids
A Toolkit for Funding
The library at your daughter's elementary school has about as many reading materials as a doctor's office waiting room—can you arrange for more books? Your neighbors work until 6:30, but school lets out at 3:00, leaving the kids with nowhere to go—can you start an after-school program? You've been active in a local organization, but need more money to do the job right, or tackle a new problem—where can you turn for help?

Whether you're an individual with an idea to help your community, or already at work on behalf of kids and families, you can make a difference. But not without adequate funding. Connect for kids has compiled some resources to help you.

If you have other resources or experiences to share, let us know. Send an e-mail to

Daily News Tribune - Local News Coverage-Students award grants

Daily News Tribune - Local News Coverage: "Students award grants
By Christopher Moore / Daily News Staff
Monday, April 4, 2005
WALTHAM -- A group of Waltham High School students presented checks Friday to five nonprofit organizations they selected to fund using grant money from the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

The students are part of the Waltham Action Research Project, a pilot course at the high school in which six students run a philanthropy, establishing community service goals and reviewing outside grant proposals.

WARP is called a 'service learning' class because the students learn about community service by actively taking part. It was funded by the Massachusetts Service Alliance through a $15,000 grant administered by the Waltham Partnership for Youth. "

Sunday, April 03, 2005 - The Cape Codder - Local News-A call for volunteers on national youth service day - The Cape Codder - Local News: "A call for volunteers on national youth service day
By Dave Joy/
Friday, April 1, 2005
BREWSTER - With the ravages of winter leaving their mark, the nature walk along Sea Street could use a bit of help. Barnstable County's Green Grant Youth Council is calling for volunteers to help plant beach grass in the Quivet Creek area of Brewster and Dennis on Saturday, April 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The event is being held in conjunction with the Barnstable County Resource Development Office in celebration of National Youth Service Day, billed as the 'largest service event in the world' with more than three million young people participating in thousands of events across the nation."