Monday, January 30, 2006

Youths volunteering at twice pace of adults

Youths volunteering at twice pace of adults: "Youths volunteering at twice pace of adults
National study finds 15 million teens donated 1.3 billion hours in 2005.

By Andrea Ball
Monday, January 30, 2006

Sabrina Mendoza wanted a life filled with more than school and good TV.

The 22-year-old UT senior wanted some meaning. So she started volunteering with cancer patients at Children's Hospital of Austin, and she loved it.

Rodolfo Gonzalez
(enlarge photo)

For Rachel Cavin, 14, volunteering was part of her childhood. Now Rachel, with Ziggy, collects food for the hungry and raises money for abused animals. A recycler, she has her own compost heap and launched a Web site to encourage teenagers to 'pay it back.'

Brian K. Diggs
(enlarge photo)

University of Texas senior Sabrina Mendoza, 22, won the Kelly Davidson Memorial Outstanding Youth award by doing something she loves: making time for others.


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* Texas eyes substantial raise for Brown
* Texas has stockpiled talent, but not at quarterback
* If pandemic flu strikes, will Austin be ready?
* Editorials, commentary and letters to the editor

'Most kids just go to school and watch '"

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ridgecrest Daily Independent: Local-"Youth grants now available

Ridgecrest Daily Independent: Local: "Youth grants now available

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday, January 25, 2006 1:05 PM PST

Ruth Justis/

The Kern Community Foundation is now accepting applications for funds under the Grants Advisory Board for Youth Program. Deadline to apply is Friday, Feb. 3 at 3 p.m.

GABY is a youth-to-youth program where a panel of Kern County teenagers make actual grant-making decisions in the community. Funded through a three-year grant from the Great Valley Center, the program offers teens a meaningful experience in philanthropy, decision-making, promotes civic participation, and spreads resources to local youth groups and youth-serving organizations."

Monday, January 23, 2006

9-11 memorial fund needs support - Campus News

9-11 memorial fund needs support - Campus News: "Carolyn Beug, Utah State University alumnus.

Mary Alice Wahlstrom, wife of a former USU employee.

Brady Howell, former USU student.

All died on Sept. 11, 2001.

These individuals are who a small group of Davis County teenagers are determined to do.

Youth of Promise (YOP), a service group composed of junior high and high school students, is nearing the final months of a five-year fundraising effort to build a $500,000 Sept. 11 memorial at USU's Utah Botanical Center.

The only obstacle preventing the construction of this historic project is funding - $180,000 to be exact."

News - Youths decide which projects deserve funding -

News - Youths decide which projects deserve funding - "Youths decide which projects deserve funding
By Todd Milbourn -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 am PST Monday, January 23, 2006
Story appeared in Metro section, Page B1
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The Grants Advisory Board for Youth works pretty much like any other grant-making body.

The board consists of about two dozen high-achievers who meet regularly and spend most of their time sifting through grant applications for a few projects they deem worthwhile."

The Pawtucket Times - News - 01/20/2006 - Students get glimpse of their charity

The Pawtucket Times - News - 01/20/2006 - Students get glimpse of their charity: "INCOLN -- Middle and high school students in Lincoln got a chance Thursday to see what their book drive will accomplish.

The students gathered in the high school auditorium with the founder of ‘Africa Reads,’ Racheal Adriko Spillberg, and watched a video showing books -- perhaps the books they collected -- being delivered to villages in Uganda by bicycle.

So far, the Lincoln students have donated more than 600 books to the project and are still collecting more. "

Friday, January 20, 2006

Rushville Republican--New fund to promote youth philanthropy

Rushville Republican--New fund to promote youth philanthropy: "New fund to promote youth philanthropy

Garry Cooley, executive director of the Rush County Community Foundation, has announced that a new fund has been established at the Foundation.

'The 'Youth in Philanthropy Fund' has been established with a generous donation from Rick and Betsy Williams as a way to encourage and educate the young people of our county in the philanthropic process,' Cooley said. 'The proceeds from this fund are to be used toward a Rush County public service project and would be available to any organized youth organization in Rush County. It is intended that the grant application be completed by the youth and overseen by their adult leader. If fundraising is a part of the project then a portion of the proceeds should be returned to the Endowed portion of this fund in order to help future organizations.'"

Thursday, January 19, 2006


By Rosamond Hutt, Community Newswire
VOLUNTEER Chief, Today, 12:30pm
A new charity tasked with engaging one million youngsters in volunteering has today announced the appointment of a chief executive ahead of its planned launch in April.

Terry Ryall, who is currently the divisional director of the Prince's Trust, has been hired to head the youth volunteering charity which was set up to implement the recommendations of the Russell Commission."

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - Memphis, TN:"Students learn philanthropy early - Memphis, TN: Germantown Appeal: "Students learn philanthropy early

By Bettie Northcross
Special to Germantown Appeal
January 15, 2006

'One of my customers said I was a great waitress,' says fifth-grader Tennison Humphreys.

She and La Grange School classmates such as Joseph Yuhas of Germantown and Andrew Bonds held a benefit dinner and auction as part of the students' philanthropic work, learning the value of helping those in need."

Friday, January 13, 2006

195.25 Tons of Pennies “Harvested” :: PNNOnline ::

195.25 Tons of Pennies “Harvested” :: PNNOnline ::: "195.25 Tons of Pennies “Harvested”
Posted by: laurakujawski on Friday, January 13, 2006
Topic General Fundraising

Common Cents Executive Director Teddy Gross announced that help is on the way for thousands of the city’s neediest citizens, and that help will come from thousands of the city’s tiniest citizens.

Nearly a half million New York City children raised an estimated $650,826.70 in this fall’s 15th Annual Common Cents Penny Harvest, the most triumphant regular harvest ever. Pupils from 767 of the city’s 1,110 primary and middle schools participated, and they will now spend the winter deciding how to distribute their funds.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Home: "In addition to achieving success athletically, IPFW Student-Athletes have again achieved our Departmental Goal of a 3.0,' Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Elliott Blumenthal stated. 'In addition, our Student-Athletes devoted their time and talents to this community, as recognized by their receipt of the 'Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award,' presented on National Philanthropy Day last November. We are fortunate to have such great role models in our community.'"

Daily Record - Local News - Parsippany H.S. club gets aid in donation effort

Daily Record - Local News - Parsippany H.S. club gets aid in donation effort: "Parsippany H.S. club gets aid in donation effort

Groups, citizens will contribute to send clothing to Pakistan


PARSIPPANY -- The offers came rolling in over the weekend, with Parsippany High School teacher Dianne Feula returning to work Monday with five voicemail pledges to pay for shipping 30 boxes of clothing to Pakistan.

The response came following several frustrating weeks of dead-ends, with Feula calling nine relief agencies and hearing the same story every time. No one could undertake the expense of shipping the items."
snip snip>>
"Encourage savings. “The first thing that they (kids) do when they get money is want to spend it,” Box says. But it’s important for them to learn the wisdom of putting money away for a long-term goal or an unexpected purchase.

Encourage philanthropy, too. “Kids should develop an appreciation for sharing what they have with others,” Box says.

- Educate your children about the benefits — and perils — of plastic. "

Monday, January 09, 2006

STLtoday - News - Education-Extension agent aims to empower youths to serve

STLtoday - News - Education: "Fifth-graders learn to save - and give"

The Coloradoan - Extension agent aims to empower youths to serve

The Coloradoan - - Ft. Collins, CO.: "Working with the coalition, Wolfe developed a program to train youths on how to serve on boards of nonprofit organizations.

The goal of the program - the Youth Engagement Team - is to help young people and adults work together, she said."

STLtoday - News - Education

STLtoday - News - Education: "The man in pinstripes held a piggy bank up for the fifth-graders.

The right slot is for savings, he said to the students. The next will hold cash to spend; the left, money to invest. And another slot, he showed them, was marked 'donate.'

Last week, Alan Robbins, an investment specialist for Northwestern Mutual, taught a short lesson on personal finance to three classes of fifth-graders at Glenridge Elementary School in Clayton.

The students soaked in the lesson. But one theme kept reappearing: donations."

Teen's volunteer work nets top award from Titans foundation - Sunday, 01/08/06

Teen's volunteer work nets top award from Titans foundation - Sunday, 01/08/06: "Teen's volunteer work nets top award from Titans foundation

Local youth has raised funds for education, needy kids living abroad

Staff Writer

Sondra Clark had read stories and seen documentaries about poverty in Africa's poorest nations. She thought that had prepared her for a trip she and her parents took there five years ago.

But the sights she saw — children who had lost their parents to AIDS, kids her own age fighting with dogs for scraps of food, utter poverty — were shocking."

Friday, January 06, 2006

Information increases giving - Philanthropy Journal-Your online source for news about nonprofits, social issues, and policy change

Information increases giving - Philanthropy Journal-Your online source for news about nonprofits, social issues, and policy change: "nformation increases giving

Knowledge of others' gift amounts can increase contributions, article says.

01.05.2006 -

Telling potential donors know how much others have given can increase contributions, a new study says.

The study, 'Field Experiments in Charitable Contributions: The Impact of Social Influence on the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods,' was conducted by researchers from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and from Indiana University.

In conducting the research as part of a public-radio fund drive, researchers sought to determine if providing information on previous donors' contributions would positively influence people calling to make gifts." - Press Release And News Distribution - UC San Diego Grows Next Generation Of Philanthropists - Press Release And News Distribution - UC San Diego Grows Next Generation Of Philanthropists:
snip snip>>
"The University of California, San Diego has been successful in creating unique strategies and opportunities to inspire philanthropy, even in 20-year-olds. In 1999, the university launched its Student Foundation, the first student-oriented philanthropic organization established within the UC system, and today it is one of just a few in the nation.

“Students are the life blood of a university, so engaging them at this level is a big plus,” said Marlene Shaver, assistant vice chancellor who oversees the UCSD Student Foundation. “The student-foundation model provides a path for students to become deeply involved in private philanthropy efforts on behalf of the university.”"

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 - Adding to their extended family: No strangers to philanthropy, Issaquah family adopts African village - Adding to their extended family: No strangers to philanthropy, Issaquah family adopts African village: "Adding to their extended family: No strangers to philanthropy, Issaquah family adopts African village
by Chris Chancellor
Journal Reporter

Searching for a good spot to vacation with their two teenage sons last summer, Doug and Linda Frye of Issaquah thought they'd found the perfect spot: Mali, one of the poorest countries in Africa.

As a result of that trip, the Fryes adopted a village -- a three-year commitment at $12,500 per year.

``We live in a fairly insulated world here -- fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective,''Doug Frye said. ``We really believe it's critical for our children to develop a sense of empathy for what's going on in the world.

``This African trip was a good way to do it,'' added Frye, the president and chief executive of Colliers Macaulay Nicolls, a commercial real-estate firm, which also does business as Colliers International, a global federation of commercial real estate companies."

Action Medical Research - Baby Bloggers Get Fan-Mail; Tiny Tots Lead The Way To Save Their Baby Friends

Action Medical Research - Baby Bloggers Get Fan-Mail; Tiny Tots Lead The Way To Save Their Baby Friends: "Andy Proctor of Action Medical Research said the charity is very grateful for their support, “Edmund and Aubrey are fantastic baby bloggers. They have to be the UK’s tiniest charity volunteers.

“Martin has a point though. Even our top researchers say there is not enough money — they call it the ‘Cinderella’ area of government funding.

“Action Medical Research is one of the biggest charity funders in this area — but it really does need a higher priority in terms of government spending.

“Too many babies are suffering and we believe that it could be prevented.”

The charity is raising over £3 million to help to find answers to premature birth and pregnancy complications.

The twins’ weblog can be seen at"

Times-Mail Online Supplement - Bedford, IN:Youth group attends philanthropy training

Times-Mail Online Supplement - Bedford, IN: News: "PAOLI - Members of the 2005-06 Orange County Community Foundation Youth Council attended the annual training workshop in November.

Jerry Finn of Youth Philanthropy Initiatives of Indiana, led the training, which was designed to educate council members on philanthropy, grant evaluation, nonprofits, endowment building and the various functions of the foundation."

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"UniKids Learn Philanthropy

Untitled Document: "UniKids Learn Philanthropy

On November 23, an Awards Ceremony was held at the Unity Centre for the Performing Arts to present grant funding to four non-profit organizations chosen by the UniKids Care Club members. The Unity Barn Raisers, the Waldo County YMCA, the Clifford Charitable Foundation and the Waldo County Preschool & Family Services each received a check to assist with a program or project to benefit children in Waldo County.
The UniKids Care Club is a new program sponsored by UniTel, Inc. This program was established to mentor young people about the responsibilities and rewards of philanthropy. Under the direction of UniTel employees, the UniKids Care Club members are working as a team to make a difference in the lives of children in their community and in Waldo County. "


Community Newswire: "
By Ben Pindar, Community Newswire
MONEY Earthquake London, Yesterday, 8:46am
More than 250 young people were today staging a mass street collection in London to help the continuing relief efforts in Pakistan, India and Kashmir following the October earthquake."

The State | 01/02/2006 | Students spend break rebuilding New Orleans

The State | 01/02/2006 | Students spend break rebuilding New Orleans: "Students spend break rebuilding New Orleans
Youth groups help fix church damaged by hurricane
Staff Writer

This winter, instead of going skiing, 89 high school students and parents from four local church youth groups spent their holiday break in New Orleans helping with Katrina relief efforts." 'Probably unknown, not in the spotlight' 'Probably unknown, not in the spotlight': "Probably unknown, not in the spotlight'
Posted: 12/31/2005

Parrisa Yazdani

The citizen of the year should be someone who has given time -- not money -- to help make Reno a better place, a group of McQueen High School students said.

'It is so much easier if you are making a ton of money to give some of it away to charity,' said junior Sean Kenny, 16.

'If I was making as much as Oprah, it would not be that hard to give away money,' Kenny said. 'That is why time is so much more important than money. It shows that you care"

The Seattle Times: Living: The best way to teach philanthropy is by example

The Seattle Times: Living: The best way to teach philanthropy is by example: "Nation / World

Saturday, December 31, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

The best way to teach philanthropy is by example

By Jan Faull

Special to The Seattle Times

Q: My girls (3-year-old twins) are starting to ask questions about people we see holding signs at freeway on-ramps. I am unsure how to answer their questions.

I tell them the person is asking for a job, food or money, and that there are ways to help less fortunate people other than to hand them a dollar. I cite examples of our giving, but they want to know why I am not helping that person holding the sign right now, and I am not sure how to answer."