Monday, November 28, 2011

Student nonprofit wins $25,000 | Yale Daily News

Student nonprofit wins $25,000 | Yale Daily News: The student-run nonprofit Elmseed Enterprise Fund clinched $25,000 last week after spamming panlists and engaging students outside of dining halls in pursuit of votes in a contest conducted by banking firm JPMorgan Chase.

Elmseed, which provides microcredit and consulting services to low-income entrepreneurs in the New Haven community, attained 1,757 votes from Facebook users over eight days to attain 28th place in the fourth Chase Community Giving contest, which awarded a total of $3 million to 100 U.S. nonprofits. Elmseed CEO Jared Jones ’12 said the funding will help Elmseed continue the group’s effort this year to increase the number of loans it provides. In 201

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