Friday, January 20, 2012

Foundation for MetroWest teaches students to be philanthropists -

Foundation for MetroWest teaches students to be philanthropists - This spring, the Foundation for MetroWest will award up to $60,000 to local nonprofit organizations, the culmination of months spent reviewing grant applications, trekking to sites, and debating the merits of each proposal.

The decision-makers behind these awards: high school students.

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kdigsvb said...

So there were no comments on this blog but I found it rather interesting and I was surprised that there wasn’t a comment. This article, “Foundation for MetroWest teaches students to be philanthropists,” by Kathleen Burge and appeared in the Boston Globe. I feel that this article is important to all college and high school students. The article stated in the past philanthropy has been seen as only a field that adults who are usually wealthy work in. Times are now changing and philanthropy is being to see an uprising of young people working in the field. For instance the foundation of MetroWest will award up to $60,000 to a local nonprofit organization. Making philanthropy more aware in the high school and college students are gaining nonprofit’s support. Classes, funding, and philanthropy boards have taken an all time high. Students are learning why philanthropy is important and how to raise money for funding. It is important for young people to understand the value of a dollar and how hard it can be to raise money in today’s economics.
I agree with this article! I feel that more young adults should become involved in philanthropy and non-profits. We are all learning how to survive in the real world and be leaders. I feel that philanthropy opportunities give us life experiences for us to actually partake in a make a difference. Looking back year ago, most people are age didn’t have the chance to make a difference and voice their opinions but look now. Young adults are creating social changes and making non-profits one of the most important qualities of life. So I say as a college student, let’s continue to create change, be leaders and support the causes that we feel that matter most.