Friday, April 27, 2012

Daniel Kent: Not Just Tomorrow's Leaders

Daniel Kent: Not Just Tomorrow's Leaders: Then I took a risk. Taking the money that I had been saving for a car to pay for incorporating as a nonprofit, I founded Net Literacy with my friends. Ten years later, Net Literacy remains a youth-managed nonprofit where students comprise 50 percent of the board of directors, write all of the grants and conduct all of the volunteering. We donate $1.4 million in services annually. Net Literacy's mission includes increasing digital inclusion and digital literacy through five student-developed programs, ranging from teaching computer and Internet safety skills to students and their parents to refurbishing tens of thousands of computers that afforded computer access to over 170,000 individuals. Internet associations representing 270,000 Internet companies on six continents have endorsed our Digital Literacy "best practices" site. Working at Net Literacy, 3,500 student volunteers have shown that we are not just tomorrow's leaders -- we're today's leaders!

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