Friday, October 30, 2015

Students learn about philanthropy : Community

Students learn about philanthropy : Community: "For the past six weeks, the Sturgis Williams Middle School students enrolled in Becky Peterson’s exploratory class “Students Building a Better World,” have been learning about philanthropy and the many ways of helping those in need.

The students began by first reading James Stovall’s book “The Ultimate Gift,” a story of how a self-centered and privileged man changes into a selfless man who cares for others. Many of the class activities were then based on the chapters in that book. For example, to coordinate with the “Gift of Friendship” chapter, the students discussed recent instances in which they might have let a friend down. They then had to write a letter or call that friend to remedy the situation. For the chapter titled “Gift of Problems,” the students had to identify problems either locally or around the world and then figure out how they could make an impact."

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