Thursday, October 11, 2012

National Philanthropy Day Extends to San Diego Youth

National Philanthropy Day Extends to San Diego Youth: Of the several honorees, a young man named Marquis Snowden was nominated by the Jacobs Center
for Neighborhood Innovation. “It’s all about the mindset that you have,” reflects Marquis.

Marquis is a 9th grader currently attending Helix Charter High School, though his philanthropic efforts
began when he was just a fourth grader at Lemon Grove Elementary School. At the time, the school
did not have a climbing wall for the students and lacked funding to purchase one. Marquis took it upon
himself to raise the money for the climbing wall. Through his serving heart and entrepreneurial spirit,
Marquis raised more than $1,100 to fund the wall. Rallying his fellow classmates, they sold lemonade,
fruit and healthy snacks to pay for the new climbing wall.

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